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Report from Down Under

In October I set out to travel through Asia, in hopes of opening up my mind to some new thoughts. I reckon that mission was successful, and by about April I found myself full of thinks and thanks, and wanting to sit down and do something with my scribbles and frizzles.  So I came down under, to Western Australia, and wandered around Perth and Fremantle, until I found myself in Geraldton, which I immediately liked.  It is quiet and sunny, pleasant and friendly.  So I decided to stay here awhile. I found an apartment above an italian restaurant, right on the beach.   It is close to many shops, so I don't need to drive, which is good, since I don't feel competent to drive on the left side.  (It would be fine for a few days, then there would be a moment were it was...not fine at all). After just a few days here, I already have a busy social calendar.  This week I am part of a trivia quiz team, as well as a  Star Gazing World Record Attempt ! Checklist of Iconic Wonders See