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In Place of Those Long Emails I Used to Send You

If you are kind enough to be reading this page, you are probably one of the people that I have sent some long emails to, at some point.  Long by today's standards, anyhow.  I haven't done that too much recently, and perhaps you've been worried!   If so, I want to apologize.  I have not forgotten you.  My thoughts are not taken over by shiny new people that I love more than you, I promise.  Meanwhile I don't mind too much if you have forgotten me, temporarily, especially if there are shiny newer people in your life.   It's all just fine.  Life is good, well beyond good enough, for me and for you, I trust.

Yes, I trust you more than before.  I trust myself more, too.  It's a good feeling.

On with the show!  The news!   Adventures and stories!   The funny noticings!
All of these and more, I promise you, are in THE PIPELINE:   A channel filled with diagrams, equations and fart noises, so wide and deep that it envelops the sun, the oceans, and the notions of gravity and time:    The B22 Bluster Cluster (of Blogs), serving 6 kinds (so far!) of fresh hot word salad, and hey don't forget the YouB2B video channels, oh there are so many.

Now, in Place of those long emails I used to send you, I give unto you this here

B22 Bluster Cluster

  • Bowl o' B2two = Outlandish Suggestions for the Commonweal
  • Win Gold Now = Match your timeline with Golden Piece Prize and Canadian Bonus Eagle (stolen!)
  • Outside The Rectangle = Math, digidiboops, (astro) phys, type algebra, les mechaniques de Louis Lagrange et Jan C.A. Boeyens
  • Snack Size S2 = Little posts n jokes like gabby twatters or whatever
  • Tuesday Budget A.__ = Deepest driest details on Tuesday Money program.  You want in? 
  • Stu Says Stuff = By a real human person, just like yourself

Upcoming:  YouB22B Rectangle Festival, including Updates on Golden Piece Prize, and much more.