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Tiny grains, bloggy clumps

Ranipool, Sikkim - Thursday morning wee hours Humans struggle.  That's what we do.  Struggle.   It matters a lot what or whom we struggle with, but regardless, there is always another struggle waiting behind it.  Pleasure is only the moment between struggles.  Relaxation is the final exhalation of the previous struggle, preparing to inhale the battle scent of the next.  Perhaps it can be prolonged a bit with a limp smile and an empty mind, observing without thinking. In the faces and voices of other people, we feel their struggles.  In the dog's bark and the crow's caw, we hear their struggles.  We will not wish them away with magic, nor work them away with labor.  We can only support and comfort them with our gentlest acknowledgement, our quietest recognition. Today I moved my artyparty from Gangtok to Ranipool.  It is just a few kilometers away, and yet it seems a world of difference.  My struggles today were tiny, and the outcomes were agreeable, my limp moments p