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Bon voyage, dear Bridgette

Our lovely friend Bridgette has departed. Bridgette, John and the kids are my dear friends. I learn important stuff about life from them, in particular from Bridgette. Her authenticity and candor are inspiring, for she will not waste precious time. Bridgette moves life along!  Bridgette freely shares her spirit for adventure, with her boots and glue gun ever at the ready, a real Texas cowgirl. In recent years she has been a doting big sister to me, sheltering and feeding me in her home so many times, with such kindness and humanity. We love you Bridgette, always!  Stu

Report from Down Under

In October I set out to travel through Asia, in hopes of opening up my mind to some new thoughts. I reckon that mission was successful, and by about April I found myself full of thinks and thanks, and wanting to sit down and do something with my scribbles and frizzles.  So I came down under, to Western Australia, and wandered around Perth and Fremantle, until I found myself in Geraldton, which I immediately liked.  It is quiet and sunny, pleasant and friendly.  So I decided to stay here awhile. I found an apartment above an italian restaurant, right on the beach.   It is close to many shops, so I don't need to drive, which is good, since I don't feel competent to drive on the left side.  (It would be fine for a few days, then there would be a moment were it was...not fine at all). After just a few days here, I already have a busy social calendar.  This week I am part of a trivia quiz team, as well as a  Star Gazing World Record Attempt ! Checklist of Iconic Wonders See

Tiny grains, bloggy clumps

Ranipool, Sikkim - Thursday morning wee hours Humans struggle.  That's what we do.  Struggle.   It matters a lot what or whom we struggle with, but regardless, there is always another struggle waiting behind it.  Pleasure is only the moment between struggles.  Relaxation is the final exhalation of the previous struggle, preparing to inhale the battle scent of the next.  Perhaps it can be prolonged a bit with a limp smile and an empty mind, observing without thinking. In the faces and voices of other people, we feel their struggles.  In the dog's bark and the crow's caw, we hear their struggles.  We will not wish them away with magic, nor work them away with labor.  We can only support and comfort them with our gentlest acknowledgement, our quietest recognition. Today I moved my artyparty from Gangtok to Ranipool.  It is just a few kilometers away, and yet it seems a world of difference.  My struggles today were tiny, and the outcomes were agreeable, my limp moments p

Blogging Season opens today

Sure, six blogs is  many (or  hrair, in Lapine ), but that's just how much blog it takes to send my love! Today the B22 Bluster Cluster has formally reached hexality,  In Place of Those Long Emails  I used to send you.     To celebrate the implied time saved, you could learn  How to Ski and/or Snowboard !

Tôi thích Đà Nẵng và Hà Nội

I found a wonderful life with the people of Đà Nẵng and Hà Nội. Deeply I am grateful for our many sweet times together, already. You have taught me about good human life, in just these few months: Humble, open in heart and mind, peaceful and respectful, filled with happy funtimes and memories of smiling "hello!"    I became a better person, with your example, and now Viet Nam is in my heart forever.  Thank you, friends.  I will leave soon, but return quickly. Cảm ơn người Trúc Bạch, Hải Châu và Mỹ An

You found my new blog!

Well golly, I reckon it is time for a fresh pile of blog, and this is it. My name is Stu.  Stu B22 (pronounced "Btwotwo"). My long weird life is gettin longer and weirder, every day.  This blog is a place to share stories and thoughts from my journey. I'm glad to have you along for the ride. Speaking of journeys, I am hanging out this month in Ha Noi, the capital of Vietnam.  Soon I am heading to Da Nang.  Perhaps I will find time to post some impressions and photos of these lovely places here. Meanwhile, I am working on a lot of strange little projects.  So little, so strange. It's all kind of hard for me to talk about, but I reckon I must do. I will start by summarizing some of my backgound in this post, and then I can get into more detail on current topics in some future posts. I have been a software developer (yes, a PROGRAMMER) for a good long time, and so I naturally have many thoughts about technology.   Since about 2008, I have contributed AI