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You found my new blog!

Well golly, I reckon it is time for a fresh pile of blog, and this is it. My name is Stu.  Stu B22 (pronounced "Btwotwo"). My long weird life is gettin longer and weirder, every day.  This blog is a place to share stories and thoughts from my journey. I'm glad to have you along for the ride. Speaking of journeys, I am hanging out this month in Ha Noi, the capital of Vietnam.  Soon I am heading to Da Nang.  Perhaps I will find time to post some impressions and photos of these lovely places here. Meanwhile, I am working on a lot of strange little projects.  So little, so strange. It's all kind of hard for me to talk about, but I reckon I must do. I will start by summarizing some of my backgound in this post, and then I can get into more detail on current topics in some future posts. I have been a software developer (yes, a PROGRAMMER) for a good long time, and so I naturally have many thoughts about technology.   Since about 2008, I have contributed AI